Our products are distributed both in blocks and cut in any size.

Granite is one of the most resistant natural stones. Is being used for different applications (such as structural works) thanks to its high resistance to compression property and its long-lasting property.

Its rich colours and density make the granite an ideal stone for various applications. Generally, granite is being used for flooring, false ceiling and, of course, for exterior coating.

Being granite an extremely high resistant material and a material that is able to ensure long-lasting coating in extreme environments is one of the most wanted refining material for the construction building application.

Black Granite

This product is a highly valuable granite that is extremely strong, durable and nearly waterproof. It is widely used in many sectors: in construction, for internal and external flooring, steps and in various other design projects.

Grey Granite

The "salt and pepper granite" is a high quality product. It has a classic on-trend look and always ready to complement any decor style for years to come. This stone is particularly suitable for internal and external constructions and coatings.